Gambling Controls

Manage your time and spend with the below options, to ensure you play responsibly.

Limits you set will only be applied to your account and not shared across other Entain Group accounts you may have.

Gambling Controls

Manage your time and spend with the below options, to ensure you play responsibly.

Limits you set will only be applied to your account and not shared across other accounts you may have.


PartyCasino offers all its customers initial regulatory daily, weekly and/or monthly deposit limit. The daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits are as follows: € 600 per day (00:00 to 24:00); € 1,500 a week (from Monday at 00:00 to Sunday at 24:00) and € 3,000 per month (first day of the month at 00:00 until the last day of the month at 24:00).

All requests for limit decreases will be implemented immediately.

Any request to increase the limits or to remove any existing limits over the above-mentioned amounts will be accepted, as long as they are made in accordance with the conditions stipulated below:

  • The player must successfully complete and pass the latest version of DGOJ’s test for the prevention of addictive gambling behaviors and safe gambling.
  • Over the last three months, the player has not engaged in risky behaviour, based on the historical analysis of the player's participation and conduct in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements, carried out by PartyCasino on the occasion of the application.

The new limits will come into effect no later than three days after the two previous conditions have been met.

Please note we will not be able to process an increase of the limits, if three months have not elapsed since the last increase of deposit limits.


PartyCasino users also have the option to set a session limit. Once this limit has been reached, said session will automatically finish, disconnecting the session once the game in progress has ended.


Account closure

Close your account or block only specific products (Sports, Casino or Poker).

Account reopening

Your account will be reopened automatically as soon as the time period you set for the closure expires. You will have an option to unblock product/s before the date specified in your account.

Please note you will be unable to reopen your account for 24 hours following your account closure.

Account/product closure is a good option If you’d like to take a short break from gambling. If you think you have a gambling problem, we suggest you self-exclude and seek assistance from one of the organisations in our Sources of Help section.

With self-exclusion you can prevent yourself from gambling for an extended period and the process is irreversible.

To close all or part of your account, or learn more about this feature, go to My Account.



PartyCasino customers can take a break from gaming at any time. These breaks can go from 1 week, 1 month or any other period up to 1 year. The request to temporarily block access will be imposed during the Cool-Off period chosen by the player and will be irrevocable. The account will be automatically reactivated following the expiration of the period set.


You can exclude yourself with respect to any gambling websites by registering in the General Registry of Gambling Access Interdictions (Registro General de Interdicciones de Acceso al Juego), in the following link - The registration in the General Registry of Gambling Access Interdiction will be for an indefinite period, however you can request a cancellation after 6 months from the date when the registration was made.


Self-exclusion involves a joint commitment from the customer and us. We will take reasonable steps to prevent the customer from re-opening their account or opening new accounts. However, during the period of self- exclusion the customer must not attempt to re-open their account nor try to open new accounts.

Self-exclusion periods have a minimum duration of 12 months. The maximum length of the self-exclusion can be indefinite.

Please note that during a time-out/cool-off or self-exclusion period, customers will not be able to deposit funds or play. Also, they will be excluded from targeted commercial communication.

To set up a time-out/cool-off period or to self-exclude, please click here.

In addition to self-exclusion, access to gambling sites can be blocked with Gamblock. Parental control software like Cybersitter and NetNanny can also be used to block access to gambling sites.