Imprint is administrated by ElectraWorks (Malta) Plc. ElectraWorks (Malta) Plc has been granted by the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling the following general licenses: OTHER GAMES No/Ref: 5-11/GO/N0461246A/SGR and BETTING No/Ref: 6-11/GA/N0461246A/SGR, and the following specific licenses: SLOTS No/Ref: MAZ/2014/014, ROULETTE No/Ref: 8-11/RLT/N0461246A/SGR, BLACKJACK No/Ref: 9-11/BLJ/N0461246A/SGR, SPORTS BETTING No/Ref: 10-11/ADC/N0461246A/SGR and POKER No/Ref: 11-11/POQ/N0461246A/SGR.

ElectraWorks (Malta) Plc

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