Time Out, Self-Prohibition and Self-Exclusion

Time-out or Cool-Off periods

PartyCasino customers can take a break from gaming at any time. These breaks can go from 1 week, 1 month or any other period up to 1 year. The request to temporarily block access will be imposed during the Cool-Off period chosen by the player and will be irrevocable. The account will be automatically reactivated following the expiration of the period set.


You can exclude yourself with respect to any gambling websites by registering in the General Registry of Gambling Access Interdictions (Registro General de Interdicciones de Acceso al Juego), in the following link - https://www.ordenacionjuego.es/es/rgiaj. The registration in the General Registry of Gambling Access Interdiction will be for an indefinite period, however you can request a cancellation after 6 months from the date when the registration was made.

Self-exclusion with us

Self-exclusion involves a joint commitment from the customer and us. We will take reasonable steps to prevent the customer from re-opening their account or opening new accounts. However, during the period of self- exclusion the customer must not attempt to re-open their account nor try to open new accounts.

Self-exclusion periods have a minimum duration of 12 months. The maximum length of the self-exclusion can be indefinite.

Please note that during a time-out/cool-off or self-exclusion period, customers will not be able to deposit funds or play. Also, they will be excluded from targeted commercial communication.

To set up a time-out/cool-off period or to self-exclude, please click here.

In addition to self-exclusion, access to gambling sites can be blocked with Gamblock. Parental control software like Cybersitter and NetNanny can also be used to block access to gambling sites.

This page was last reviewed and updated: June 2020